Since sophomore year of school, things have become a whole heck of a lot easier. After completing a "tough week" of school (1 quiz and 1 test), I have been enjoying a very relaxing weekend. It started with a nice Dale's on the trails.
How could a weekend go badly with a start like this.

Last week's Clean-Up Crew inspired me to start some cleaning of my own property, so I took advantage of a few (out of the ~200 or so) gardening tools that are being stored at my house. I think 350 or so people helping out would have made it a bit easier, but I got the front yard cleaned up pretty nice in a mere 3 hours. Being only partially destroyed after 3 hours of intense manual labor under the warming AZ sun called for another MTB ride.

Aside from riding and weeding, some (good?) news sent my way this weekend as well. Out of 40-ish applicants, I was selected to be the intern for a hand surgeon next year. Ya, I know... this is pretty much the best job that I could ask for as a new graduate taking a year off to gain experience before medical school. Except for a couple things:
A - it requires a full year of work (August '10 to mid summer '11)
B - it is in PHOENIX!

Needless to say, the surgeon whom I would be working with was a bit shocked when I did not excitedly accept the job.

I may be over analyzing this whole situation, but I think that my decision as to whether or not to take this position will have a huge impact on my future. Tie myself down in AZ for (ANOTHER) year of my life, or let myself run free somewhere else on the planet. If I tie myself down, I will probably end up in med school in a year. If I run free, who knows.

This is definitely going to take some more pondering on my part. Unfortunately, a commitment to the internship is needed soon. Maybe I'll flip a coin.

Time to go hunt for some eggs. Happy Easter/Passover/Spring to all.


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